We need your opinion about the MAC products!!!



We are a group of international students in a French Business School (Grenoble Graduate School of Business) and we are doing a Marketing research survey on MAC for our classes.....

We are focusing on women in the United-States and in Canada.


If you have any time, could you please answer the survey at the following address: http://www.createsurvey.com/c/47532-TaDsNK/?


We will only use the information collected for educational purposes.

If you want to get the result of our survey, you can contact us at : mli_requena@hotmail.fr

We will be happy to give you feedback about it.


Thank you in advance for passing the message around. That would help us a lot!!!!!!!!


Katie, Margot, Roxana, Emma and Marie


PS if you have any comment, please tell us too!!!



Hi lipstickers

I have red pigmented lips and Im looking for a nice nude lipstick that covers the redness.. I got great tips from Makeupalley.. But the problem is they all gave me advice about nude lipsticks with golden/brownish undertone, but that really doesnt really work on me, since I have very light skin..
Anyone an idea?

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About 12-18 months or so ago, Clinique discontinued one of their lipsticks - Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipsticks in Cherry Cola.

Is there anyone out there who really misses this shade? I have two new, unused tubes in the original packaging. I'm hoping to get $11 each for these (I paid $14), which will include shipping. Please email me at markbeauty @ comcast (dot) net if you're interested.

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Hey Girls (and Guys)
I was wondering if anyone of you
had any tips on how to cut bangs...
you see, this friend gave me this
awesome haircut that i absolutely
adore but now they're getting too long!
any experience with this?

my hair is black and mildly wavy.
i'll post a pic as soon as i'm
finished with my exams.